Local time: 09:53 pm

Moi Avenue, Opposite Jevanjee Gardens P.O. Box 5247 - 00506 Nairobi, Kenya.

13 km from JKIA

+254 721 485 024 +254 104 485 024

Oceanic Restaurant


Rich tradition of personal service

Our Oceanic Restaurant offers tantalizing meals served in lavish buffets & a la Carte dishes offering mouthwatering international and local dishes, exciting selection of desserts with freshly brewed high quality Kenyan coffee and tea.

The perfect way to conclude a perfect meal

The hotel also offers office deliveries, outside catering, banquets, corporate annual general meetings, wedding receptions and end of season company staff & customers parties

 For selection and pricing, kindly ask for our men card

To reserve our Restaurant,
please call +254 721 485 024 or make it online

Flambe chicken – one of our delectable delights

Our food not only tastes good, it also looks good

The restaurante extends into the terrace with a view overlooking the CBD


Calm and relaxed atmosphere
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The Rainforest Bar

This is our famous Rain Forest bar that derives its name from its scenic view of the recently revamped Jeevanjee Gardens. The bar is fully stocked with all types of beverages both local and international and offers a variety of international and homemade cocktails.

Its ambience and dedicated dim lighting offer a romantic place to wind off the busy day in the company of colleagues. It is complemented by a terrace, where those who seek private and intimate moments can enjoy their drinks while viewing the busy Moi Avenue and the distinct Nairobi Skyline.