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Nature retreats and Green Parks to Explore in Nairobi.


Nairobi is not just a bustling metropolis; it’s also a city filled with natural beauty. Amidst the bustling Central Business District (CBD), a sanctuary of greenery exists—a collection of parks, gardens, and nature retreats. Nairobi is a city that harmoniously blends urban living with nature’s beauty to provide a calming retreat from the city’s hustle and bustle. In this post, we explore these flourishing green oases of tranquility just a stone’s throw away from the heart of Nairobi.

Uhuru Park:

One of Nairobi’s most popular green spaces, Uhuru Park, is an escape of tranquility right in the heart of the CBD. The park, named after Kenya’s independence, is a place of natural beauty, offering walking paths, serene ponds, open picnic spaces, and hosting cultural events. Visitors can also enjoy paddle boating on the artificial lake. Uhuru Park is an exceptional landmark in the city, offering a lively atmosphere with an abundance of greenery.

Skyline of Nairobi, Kenya, with Uhuru Park in the foreground and a helicopter on top of the KICC

Jeevanjee Gardens:

It is the only park in the city that is directly owned by the people after being donated by A.M. Jeevanjee, an Asian-born entrepreneur in Kenya, in 1906. The gardens provide a peaceful retreat from the busy business district, which features tall trees, pristine lawns, and a central pond with fountains. This beautiful location is a wonderful place that stands as a testament to Nairobi’s rich heritage.

Nairobi Arboretum:

If you’re a nature enthusiast, you simply must make the trip to Nairobi Arboretum. Located just a short distance from the CBD, this botanical paradise is home to over 350 species of indigenous and exotic trees and over 100 species of birds, making it a paradise for all. It’s also popular for birdwatching, nature walks, jogging trails, and picnics. Large groups often come on weekends for team-building activities and games on the central lawn at the park, while lovebirds enjoy spending romantic moments in its secluded spots. It is an excellent place to unwind and connect with nature.

Karura Forest:

Karura Forest is a fantastic destination for enthusiasts who love spending time in the great outdoors. From scenic waterfalls and caves to biking trails, birdwatching spots, and tennis courts, there are a myriad of activities for all visitors. As champions of conservation, the Forest has programs that enable visitors to contribute to helping grow more indigenous trees in efforts toward sustainability. This makes it an educational center for families and students.

Nairobi National Park:

A short drive out of Nairobi’s central business district leads to Nairobi National Park. The wide open grass plains and backdrop of the city scrapers make it a sanctuary to a wide variety of wildlife, including the endangered black rhino, lions, leopards, cheetahs, hyenas, buffaloes, giraffes, and a diverse birdlife with over 400 species recorded. Visitors can enjoy the park’s picnic sites, three campsites, and walking trails for hikers. A visit here promises a thrilling safari experience without venturing far from the city.

A Maasai Giraffe (Giraffa Camelopardalis Tippelskirchii, aka Kilimanjaro giraffe) and her calf in Nairobi National Park, with the city in the background.

Our Hotel:

Nestled in the heart of Nairobi, the Clarion Hotel serves as the perfect gateway to these green escapes. Our tour desk has excellent bookings to any destination our guests may want to visit within Nairobi and across the country. We also provide local guides during your adventures.

After a day of exploring Nairobi’s natural wonders, retreat to our hotel, where you can unwind in luxurious comfort. Also embracing the natural beauty that surrounds us with views overlooking the Jeevanjee gardens, the hotel offers a serene and quiet environment away from the bustling streets of the CBD.


Nairobi CBD isn’t just about skyscrapers and corporate meetings. Just a short distance away, there are parks, gardens, and nature retreats that offer a refreshing contrast to the urban landscape. Whether you seek a peaceful picnic spot, a thrilling wildlife encounter, or an educational adventure, there’s something for everyone. We look forward to your stay with us at The Clarion Hotel and exploring Nairobi’s vibrant city life and natural beauty! It’s sure to be a memorable experience with lasting memories.

The Clarion Hotel: Elevating Standards Through Superior Customer Service, Pristine Infrastructure, and Top-Notch Facilities

The Clarion Hotel: Elevating Standards Through Superior Customer Service, Pristine Infrastructure, and Top-Notch Facilities


The Clarion Hotel, a true epitome of excellence, has  built a reputation for consistently delivering top-tier customer service, innovative infrastructure, and outstanding facilities.

This article explores the secrets behind The Clarion Hotel’s success in upholding its standards.

1.    Setting the Bar: Customer Service Excellence

From the moment guests step into the lobby until the time of their departure, every interaction is marked by warmth, attentiveness, and a genuine desire to ensure guest satisfaction.

Supported with trained professionals with a proactive attitude towards resolving issues promptly go above and beyond to cater to guests’ needs, making them feel valued.

At the heart of The Clarion Hotel’s continued success lies its unwavering commitment to customer service.

2.    Embracing the Essence of a Revitalising Atmosphere

The Hotel takes pride in its well-illuminated and superbly ventilated rooms, made possible by the grandeur of its massive windows and uplifting, serene ambiance.

The hotel’s residents are also offered access to the gym and spa providing them a comprehensive experience during their stay.

Fostering a truly rejuvenating and pleasant experience.

Meeting Excellence: Conference Rooms with Premium Air Conditioning

Catering to business travellers by providing conference rooms equipped with top-of-the-line air conditioning units.

Whether hosting corporate meetings, seminars, or workshops, the hotel ensures the comfort of attendees is not compromised. The climate-controlled environment facilitates optimal concentration, enhances productivity, and makes any event a resounding success.

Moreover, the hotel is equipped with great connectivity and a technical support team is always on standby, ensuring seamless integration of audio-visual equipment and a flawless presentation experience.

3.    Superb Bar and Restaurant

The bar restaurant exudes an inviting ambiance, where guests can enjoy meals while relishing handcrafted cocktails and an impressive selection of beverages. 

Moreover, the bar restaurant opens up to a spectacular terrace that offers panoramic views of the Nairobi Central Business District (CBD).

The hotel’s commitment to environmental sustainability extends to its culinary offerings as well. The cold room, thoughtfully maintained to perfection, not only ensures the freshest ingredients for the restaurant but also plays a crucial role in reducing food waste.

By preserving the taste and nutritional value of perishable items, the hotel takes a responsible stance in its mission to minimize its ecological footprint.


The Clarion Hotel remains committed to its excellence by ensuring that every guest experiences the height of luxury and comfort during their stay.

I Scream, You Scream, Nairobi’s Best Ice Cream Awaits!

# I Scream, You Scream, Nairobi’s Best Ice Cream Awaits!

  1. Introduction

 Ice cream is a universally beloved treat that brings joy to people of all ages. Whether it’s a hot summer day or a chilly evening, the allure of a creamy, frozen dessert is irresistible. This holds true in Nairobi, where ice cream’s popularity has been growing steadily over the years. A city once known primarily for its rich cultural heritage and dynamic wildlife, Nairobi has now become a hub for ice cream enthusiasts seeking unique flavors and unforgettable experiences.

  • The Ice Cream Culture in Nairobi

 Nairobi has developed an unabashed obsession with ice cream. It has transcended being a simple dessert and has become a social and cultural phenomenon. Ice cream parlors have become gathering spots, where friends and families come together to indulge in their favorite frozen treats. The rise of social media has only fueled this ice cream culture, with Nairobians constantly sharing their ice cream adventures, enticing others to join in the fun.

  • From Cow to Cone: The Making of Nairobi’s Best Ice Cream

 The key to Nairobi’s best ice cream lies in its commitment to using high-quality ingredients. Local dairy farms play a crucial role in supplying the fresh milk and cream that serve as the foundation for these delectable creations. By sourcing their ingredients locally, ice cream makers contribute to the sustainability and support of the local economy.

  • Seeking Sweet Heaven: Where to Find the Best Ice Cream in Nairobi

 Nairobi boasts a plethora of remarkable ice creameries, each with its own unique offerings and ambiance. For gelato enthusiasts, Bella Gelateria is a must-visit destination. Their authentic Italian gelato is made with precision and passion, transporting your taste buds to the streets of Rome.

 If mixing flavors and fun is more your style, Cold Stone Creamery is the place to be. Here, you can indulge in the experience of creating your own customized ice cream masterpiece, with an array of mix-ins and toppings to choose from.

  • Flavors that Make Taste Buds Dance: Nairobi’s Unique Ice Cream Offerings

 Nairobi’s ice cream scene prides itself on its ability to cater to diverse palates and dietary preferences. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant Kenyan cuisine, ice cream makers have introduced exotic flavors that pay homage to the country’s rich culinary heritage. From tropical fruits like mango and passionfruit to uniquely flavored spices, these ice creams are a celebration of Kenya’s distinct flavors.

  • The Art of Presentation: Aesthetics and Ambience of Nairobi’s Ice Cream Shops

 In Nairobi’s evolving ice cream culture, the presentation of these frozen delights has become just as important as their taste. Ice cream shops strive to create Instagrammable moments with their picturesque scoops and visually stunning toppings. From vibrant and artfully arranged sundaes to elegantly garnished cones, each creation is a feast for the eyes.

 Attention to detail extends beyond the scoops themselves. Nairobi’s ice cream shops have embraced the concept of creating memorable experiences through interior design and decor. From cozy and charming parlors to modern and minimalist spaces, each establishment offers its own ambiance, enhancing the overall ice cream enjoyment.

  • Meet the Maestros: Nairobi’s Ice Cream Makers and Their Stories

 Behind every scoop of Nairobi’s finest ice cream lies a passionate and dedicated ice cream artisan. Throughout the city, these maestros pour their hearts and souls into their craft, creating frozen masterpieces that bring joy to countless individuals. Interviews with these ice cream makers reveal the stories behind their journeys, their inspirations, and the challenges they have overcome to make Nairobi’s ice cream scene thrive.

 ## VIII. The Science Behind the Scoop: The Art of Texture and Creaminess

 Creating the perfect texture and creaminess in ice cream is both an art and a science. Nairobi’s ice cream makers have honed their skills in understanding the intricate processes that take place during production. Balancing ingredients, churning techniques, and careful air incorporation are just a few of the factors that contribute to achieving that silky smooth consistency that ice cream enthusiasts crave.

  ## XI. The Sweet Scoop: Benefits of Ice Cream Consumption in Nairobi’s Climate

In Nairobi’s tropical climate, ice cream consumption goes beyond mere indulgence. It offers a respite from the sweltering heat, providing a refreshing and cooling sensation that brings instant relief. Beyond its temperature-altering effects, ice cream also offers nutritional benefits when enjoyed in moderation. Packed with essential vitamins and minerals, it can contribute to a balanced diet.

 Moreover, ice cream has the power to boost moods and alleviate stress. Nairobians can find solace in a scoop of their favorite flavor, using it as a moment of relaxation and escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

 ## XII. Challenges and Opportunities: Sustaining Nairobi’s Ice Cream Culture

 Maintaining a balance between tradition and innovation is key in sustaining Nairobi’s ice cream culture. While embracing modern flavors and techniques, ice cream makers also strive to preserve the essence of the city’s ice cream heritage. This delicate balance ensures the continued adherence to quality and craftsmanship that sets Nairobi’s ice cream apart.

 Overcoming infrastructural and logistical challenges is another crucial aspect of keeping the ice cream culture thriving. From maintaining consistent cold storage to ensuring a seamless supply chain, ice cream makers work diligently to deliver their creations in peak condition to eager customers.

 ## XIII. Summary

 Nairobi’s love affair with ice cream is a testament to its irresistible charms. From iconic ice creameries to hidden gems, the city offers a wide range of delectable options that cater to diverse tastes. Nairobi’s ice cream culture goes beyond mere dessert indulgence, serving as a reflection of the city’s dynamic and vibrant community spirit.

 ## XIV. FAQs

 1. What is the history of ice cream in Nairobi?

 – Ice cream first gained popularity in Nairobi during the colonial era, and its presence has grown steadily since then. Today, its importance as a social and cultural phenomenon has firmly established it as a beloved treat in the city.

 2. How can I start my own ice cream business in Nairobi?

 – Starting an ice cream business in Nairobi requires careful planning, adherence to food safety regulations, sourcing high-quality ingredients, and developing a unique offering. Conducting market research and creating a compelling brand identity are also essential steps in this entrepreneurial journey.

 3. Are there any unique ice cream flavors that Nairobi is known for?

 – Nairobi’s ice cream scene is known for its inventive flavors that draw inspiration from the local cuisine. From exotic tropical fruits to spices and herbs, Nairobi’s ice cream makers are constantly pushing the boundaries of flavor profiles, resulting in uniquely Kenyan creations.

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